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 ebook: "master your triggers, master your life"


did you know that your "triggers" are YOUR responsibility? we have the power to decide on what we will place our most valuable currency: our focus and energy! and even deeper: what shows up in our lives is influenced by our thoughts, so by getting to the bottom of WHY we think the way we do, we can uncover POWERFUL insights that can free us from the bondage of negative or unhelpful thoughts and liming beliefs - which impact how we respond to life's daily pressures. 

this is more than just a book - this is a framework that includes actionable steps to illuminate the way to healing your sh*t. i am all about self-reflection and -correction, so get ready for some tough love, goddess. use these exercises, tools, and processes to get to the bottom of your sh*t and decide to do a new thing! i know from experience that we have the power to change how we show up in the world. i definitely do not have all the answers, but i can share what has worked for me. let's grow together!

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